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Laura Adkins


Laura Adkins is an oboist and teacher living in Chicago. As a performer, Laura has played with many local new music groups. In 2016, Laura attended the Darmstadt Festival where she worked extensively with Peter Veale. The atmosphere of experimentation and infinite possibility helped her create a few compositional sketches, which are now close to completion. Laura began studying piano at age 5, and started oboe at age 9. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at DePaul University with Jelena Dirks, Eugene Izotov, and John Dee.

Why is music important to you? Music is a reflection and expression of the world around us. It is, at the same time, comforting and challenging. As a performer, music insists that you do seemingly disparate things simultaneously (e.g. count precisely, and convey a particular emotion, while also communicating nonverbally with other ensemble members). Quite bluntly, music makes you smarter.