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Hanna Pederson


Hanna Pederson, a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and has performed with numerous regional orchestras around the country. She has a special interest in chamber and unconducted orchestras, having performed with Mercury: The Orchestra Redefined and Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra of LA. Hanna has performed in solo and chamber music masterclasses for James Dunham, Peter Slowik, Geoff Nuttall, Roger Meyers, and Ralph Kirschbaum. Over the summers she has performed with the National Repertory Orchestra, Contemporary Performance Institute, National Orchestral Institute, Chautauqua Summer Music Festival, and Kent/Blossom Chamber Music Festival. She holds degrees from Rice University and the University of Maryland where she studied with Ivo Van Der Werff, Joan DerHovsepian, and Katherine Murdock.

Why is music important to youMusic brings people together to enjoy something beautiful and meaningful, and allows musicians and audiences to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level- a level that is often neglected in everyday life.

What do you like to do when you're not playing? Reading and enjoying art on the covers of books, writing, drinking tea, eating a gluten free diet